Drop it. Smash it. Slam it. Samsung’s unbreakable OLED screen can take it

A new type of smartphone display panel made by Samsung Display has passed a series of durability tests in the U.S., which saw it surpass standards set out by the Department of Defense. Samsung calls the panel “unbreakable,” and has huge ambitions for it in the near future.

Samsung opens world’s largest mobile phone factory in India

Samsung Electronics opened the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing plant by production capacity in India yesterday, taking the fight to its rivals in the burgeoning smartphone market in the country.

Clever mobile ‘airbag’ could save your phone when (not if) you drop it

If you’ve never dropped your smartphone, then guess what? It’s going to happen sooner or later.

Chinese firm claims its laser rifle burns clothes and skin up to 800 meters away

A Chinese firm wants to arm the country’s police forces with a whole new kind of weapon for the battlefield: an assault rifle that fires lasers and can burn your clothes and skin from up to 800m away. Oh, and those lasers are silent, invisible, and can pass through glass windows too.

Pioneer's DDJ-400 controller will help you learn booth basics

DJ'ng, like playing guitar, is one of those things that looks simple until you actually try it yourself.

Oculus TV arrives today with a promising, though questionable, start

The big issue is whether people want to watch VR videos in the first place.

Xbox One will soon play nice with keyboards and mice

The Verge reports that Microsoft is working to bring support for mice and keyboards to its Xbox One consoles at last.