Working to Keep Facebook Safe

People all around the world use Facebook to connect with friends and family and openly discuss different ideas. But they will only share when they are safe. That’s why we have clear rules about what’s acceptable on Facebook and established processes for applying them. We are working hard on both, but we don’t always get it right.

Facebook wants to own your face. Here’s why that’s a privacy disaster

Scanning your face is easier than remembering a password, that’s for sure. But while facial recognition technology has gone mainstream with Apple’s FaceID and Microsoft’s Windows Hello, we’re only now thinking through the cybersecurity and privacy concerns.

The first ever #WorldCup ‘Golden Tweet’ awards

It’s one of the most hotly contested awards of the World Cup, but forget about The Golden Boot, this year, there is an even more prestigious accolade up for grabs... The Golden Tweet. 

How People Help Fight False News

To fight the spread of false news, Facebook uses a mix of technological solutions, human reviewers, and educational programs that promote news literacy.

Hard Questions: How Is Facebook’s Fact-Checking Program Working?

False news is a money maker for spammers and a weapon of state actors and agitators around the world. This has introduced important questions for society and new responsibilities for companies like Facebook.

Facebook updates its policies regarding weapon accessories and minors

Facebook has once again updated its advertising policies. This time the social media giant is cracking down on content related to guns, explosives, and other weapons.

All of Your Facebook Memories Are Now in One Place

Today, we’re launching Memories, a single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments you’ve shared with family and friends, including posts and photos, friends you’ve made, and major life events.

How to Disable Facebook's Fundraiser Notifications

I get it: We all want to contribute to something larger than ourselves, and it’s wonderful to see more people “donating birthdays” to a charitable cause. This typically involves announcing on Facebook that your birthday is coming up, picking a not-too-crazy number to raise funds for a favorite charity, and watching the money roll in—coupled with a few helpful reminders, since your friends are lazy and could use a little encouragement to part with their cash.