World's First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange Finally Opens to the Public

The world's first bank-backed cryptocurrency exchange is now open to the public after months of delays.

MLB will release a crypto baseball game on the blockchain

Baseball collectibles like cards and bobbleheads are being revamped for the 21st century — on the blockchain. Major League Baseball has announced that it is launching a crypto-based game that runs on the ethereum blockchain later this summer.

Ample warning for supervolcanos?

No need to panic about an imminent supervolcano eruption, not from the Yellowstone supervolcano or another other similar system around the globe.

Asia crushes cryptocurrency trading volumes even though the UK has the most exchanges

It appears that Asian countries are absolutely dominating the charts for cryptocurrency trading volumes – despite the recent string of regulatory clampdowns.

Ransomware shifts focus from holding passwords hostage to hijacking your PC

A malicious website initially set up to extort visitors to pay a cryptocurrency ransom has changed its course. Instead of demanding payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin in exchange for not leaking your password on the internet, the site now hijacks your computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency in the background.

Zerocoin’s bug that allows hackers to burn honest users’ coins is still not fixed

Zerocoin has a ‘denial of service’ bug that allows for attackers to burn honest users’ coins. This fact has been known for almost two months now, but remains unfixed.