Latest News on Science - 10. 07. 2020.

Cell Studio Serious games for immunology

Researchers at the Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dortmund University, Germany, and Arizona State University, U.S., have collaborated to engineer an interactive 3-D simulation in silico that can mimic in vitro, or in vivo experiments as seen under the microscope using interactive game engines.

CT scans may increase risk of brain cancer, study suggests

A new study suggests that CT scans, commonly used in medical imaging, may increase the risk of brain tumors.

The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think

The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video I explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there... and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean.

Space Station Daytime Traverse

A room with Earth views! NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold captured this spectacular view from the International Space Station, starting above San Francisco and moving southward through the Americas.

Working to Keep Facebook Safe

People all around the world use Facebook to connect with friends and family and openly discuss different ideas. But they will only share when they are safe. That’s why we have clear rules about what’s acceptable on Facebook and established processes for applying them. We are working hard on both, but we don’t always get it right.