Latest News on Science - 10. 07. 2020.

World's First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange Finally Opens to the Public

The world's first bank-backed cryptocurrency exchange is now open to the public after months of delays.

MLB will release a crypto baseball game on the blockchain

Baseball collectibles like cards and bobbleheads are being revamped for the 21st century — on the blockchain. Major League Baseball has announced that it is launching a crypto-based game that runs on the ethereum blockchain later this summer.

Facebook wants to own your face. Here’s why that’s a privacy disaster

Scanning your face is easier than remembering a password, that’s for sure. But while facial recognition technology has gone mainstream with Apple’s FaceID and Microsoft’s Windows Hello, we’re only now thinking through the cybersecurity and privacy concerns.

Discovery of ancient tools in China suggests humans left Africa earlier than previously thought

Ancient tools and bones discovered in China by archaeologists suggest early humans left Africa and arrived in Asia earlier than previously thought.

Hundreds Of Rock Paintings Discovered In Tanzania

Hundreds of rock paintings, the oldest of which can be even several thousand years old, have been discovered by a Polish archaeologist in the Swaga Swaga reserve in Tanzania. Among the most interesting paintings are images depicting meteors and comets.

Mapping of ancient citadel shines new light on Bolivia's Tiwanaku civilization

The creation of a topographical map of the ancient citadel of Tiwanaku, some 71 kilometers (44 miles) west of Bolivia’s capital of La Paz, has been made possible by a UNESCO-sponsored project helmed by Spanish archaeologist Jose Ignacio Gallegos.